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What NDIS supports does AAV offer?

Arts Access Victoria is a registered NDIS service provider, so you can include our supports and services in your NDIS plans! We can work with you to meet your creative goals, whether it's making art for fun or pursuing a career in the arts and cultural sector.

This page features some broad information about what we offer NDIS participants – because each person has different goals and needs, it's best to get in touch with us prior to your planning meeting and we can work with you to create a package of fantastic, personalised creative supports. 

Planning support

AAV can support NDIS participants to advocate for arts and cultural participation in their plans. We offer many levels of support, from phone-based advice and support to providing a support person for your planning meeting or plan appeal.

Contact us to find out more about how we can assist you in NDIS planning. 

Making and experiencing art

AAV can support you to make and experience art as part of a group or independently. As an AAV participant, you can build your creative skills, meet new people, and have fun.

We can work with you to develop an NDIS plan that mixes Core and Capacity Building supports to enable you to:

  • Participate in group-based arts programs, like our Art Day South or Way Out West groups – or create a new group that meets your creative needs 
  • Develop or improve social skills and relationships through making and experiencing art 
  • Engage independently in arts and cultural activities, like community workshops 

Contact us to find out more about making and experiencing art with AAV.

Engaging in the Community

We can support you to engage with your local community and find new creative communities so you can meet new people, develop your artmaking and have new creative experiences. We can assist you to develop an NDIS plan that mixes Core and Capacity Building supports to enable you to:

  • Engage with mainstream and community arts and cultural programs and services – for example visiting Arts Centre Melbourne or joining an AAV art program 
  • Engage in arts and cultural activities in the community to reduce the risk of social isolation  

Contact us to find out more about engaging in the community with AAV.

Skills development

Whether you want to learn more about making art or make a career in the arts, AAV can support you to learn and create new pathways for you to pursue your goals. Working with us, you can:

  • Build skills – including your individual artistic skills – to pursue your goals, whether it’s to become an artist, an arts worker or to experience more art
  • Engage mentors who can help you build on your creative skills or develop new ones 
  • Get training, advice and orientation to help you transition from school to further education 

Contact us to find out more about learning new skills with AAV.

Our pricing

Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP)

As of 1 July 2019, the NDIS introduced the Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP). This is for providers of attendant care and community and centre based activities.

The TTP is a conditional loading to assist providers to continue to transform their business.

To be eligible for the TTP, providers must follow some TTP requirements set out by the NDIS. These can be found in the 2019-2020 price guide.

AAV has put into place these requirements. We include TTP pricing for a number of support categories including group and centre based activities; high intensity daily personal activities and participation in community, social and civic activities.

You can read more about the support items and find our TTP price list in the NDIS 2019-2020 price guide and the NDIS support catalogue.