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Artist Engagement Programs

Mentoring, Training and Skills Sharing

Full enrolment begins with an initial two-hour meeting with AE staff to align artistic goals (and NDIS goals if relevant), with AE’s Professional Development. A review meeting is scheduled for mid and end of year, totalling three meetings per year with AE staff.

  1. Initial meeting/renew meeting
  2. Mid-year/review meeting
  3. End of year/review meeting

See Enrolment - Fee for Service and NDIS for costing & a downloadable examples sheet.

Mentoring, Training and Skills Sharing is available in blocks of 10 sessions.

Mentoring is a one on one relationship to support professional development and artistic goals. 

Training and Skills Sharing is focused on specific skills development in a group setting.

Training and Skills Sharing includes skills development in grant writing, networking, planning, producing an event, goals development, building a portfolio, creating a social media profile, building a website, writing a bio, pitching your idea, budgeting, curating, front of house and others.

Mentoring Blocks

Mentoring begins with an initial 2-hour meeting with AE staff and your Mentor, planning and defining shared goals for the Mentoring contract.

  • Artists participate in blocks of mentoring (1 block = 10 sessions)
  • AE recommends a maximum of 4 blocks per year (4 blocks = 40 sessions)
  • Minimum Mentor session time is 2 hours.
  • AAV shutdown 2 weeks per year.

 Training and Skills Sharing Blocks

Artists participate in blocks of Training and Skills Sharing (1 block = 10 x 3-hour sessions)

Blocks may include:

  • Focus Hub – 3 hours
  • Short Hub – 4 sessions x 3 hours
  • Long Hub– 8 sessions x 3 hours

Other professional development will be rolled out in later stages. These include coaching, internships, residencies and employment pathways. The commencement date will be announced on AAV’s eNews

Curated Exhibitions

AE, in partnership with Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc, maintains a curated gallery space, Skin Gallery. This initiative provides the opportunity for local artists to exhibit their works in a professionally produced context. Skin Gallery showcases new artist works every 6 - 8 weeks.

Stay tuned for exhibition details via AAV’s eNews and at events

Auspiced Events

Artist Engagement offers auspicing services to artists and producers for their creative productions. 

Auspicing agreements range from basic to comprehensive support. Talk to AE about your project needs and the kinds of support we offer


Contact us for any enquiries or bookings via: Phone (03) 9699 8299 or Email

If you wish to make an initial enquiry related to the NDIS and our Arts services, ask for Jo van Heek

If you wish to make a booking, ask for Leesa Nash, Manager, Artist Engagement.