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Daniel Coulson

Daniel Couslon

DANIEL COULSON is a self-taught portrait artist. His 2019 debut solo show, Aesthetic Distortions, which exhibited at St Kilda Town Hall, was very well received and attracted attendees such Martin Foley MP and Josh Burns MP.

“When I was young, I would always draw to escape, but as I got older the less I did this. In 2017 I was admitted to hospital. I was feeling very isolated and disconnected. I would sit in the art room because it was quiet. I began to try to express how I felt on paper, and I would show others to see if they could feel what I was trying to express… some got it and others didn’t. I would then start drawing faces in an expressive way and more people started to appreciate my drawings. I heard words such as ‘pain’, ‘despair’ and ‘powerful’. It made me feel less alone, I felt understood.”

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