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'Australian Realness' (Auslan interpreted) presented by The Coopers Malthouse

The summery embrace of an Aussie family Christmas. Familiar characters pop the cork on mid-range bubbly for a raucous celebration of festive traditions. But, all is not well.

As adult kids regress to the parental homestead, Mum and Dad’s apparent wealth is waning. They’ve sold the Audi. There are fewer presents. They’re even renting out the back shed to supplement their income.

There’s a bunch of yobbos in the backyard!

Following a Christmas dinner invitation, ocker antics start to infect the house. First, it’s the tracky dacks. Then, it’s the durries. Before you know it, the working class are treading their unsophistication all over the polished floorboards … or so it may seem.

Zoey Dawson pries open social divides with incisive comedy and exacting satire. Directed by Janice Muller, the cast members shine twice, each playing two characters—one bourgeois, one bogan.

Australian Realness fast-forwards from the dawn of the Howard era to revel in the shattering of expectations and artificial class divisions.

When: Saturday 31 August, 1:30 pm

Where: The Coopers Malthouse, 113 Strout st Southbank.

Access: Auslan Interpretation, Wheelchair

Cost: $35 – $72


Audio introduction to the Malthouse season 2019