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#BeingEnough Digital Precinct

Arts Access Victoria (AAV) and The Other Film Festival are partnering up with the Digital Writers' Festival 2019 to present #BeingEnough Digital Precinct. The Program includes online and IRL (In Real Life) events.

We are thrilled to be presenting the Ignite 2019 exhibition in digital form, so you can experience the work from wherever you are in the world. In the spirit of aesthetic access, the digital exhibition will include statements from the artists in different formats such as audio and written, as well as audio description and visual renderings of the artworks themselves.

All artworks in the Ignite 2019 exhibition are available for purchase. To purchase one of the works on display, you can get in touch with Phil Noack via

Want to attend in person? You can!

The exhibition runs at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne CBD (QV building) from Tuesday 22 October to Saturday 2 November. Access information for No Vacancy Gallery can be downloaded here.

During the Digital Writers’ Festival from Tuesday 29 October to Saturday 2 November, you can come in to work on your #BeingEnough Digital Assignment responses, have a chat to artist-in-residence Fury while they make a portrait of you or work on your writing with the virtual Daily Write-In, and browse Choose Art and ask our staff any questions you may have.

beingenough interactive

The Other Film Festival gratefully acknowledges the financial support of City of Melbourne and Screen Australia.

Artwork by Kristy Sweeney.