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'Cloud Street' (Auslan interpreted) presented by The Coopers Malthouse

The house at number one Cloud Street is a great continent where two damaged clans collide. The two families—the Lambs and the Pickles—are as contrasting as the Australia they inhabit. Teetotallers and tipplers, workhorses or wastrels, fate makers versus chance chasers. But really, they’re two sides of the same coin; one that was tossed during World War II and remained in motion for decades. The power of this staggering Australian saga is more haunting than the ghosts who speak out from the walls. It’s more elusive than the serial killer who prowls their neighbourhood. It’s transcendent, like the Lambs and the Pickles themselves, whose lives and loves live on today.

This is a once-in-a-generation chance to see Tim Winton’s award-winning story on stage, and in 2019 Malthouse Theatre ups the ante. Directed by Matthew Lutton, Cloudstreet will be a monumental new production unprecedented in scale and ambition. The ensemble cast swims in the depth and breadth of Australian theatrical talent, featuring Helpmann Award-winner Guy Simon (Jasper Jones), Natasha Herbert (Away), Bert LaBonté (The Book of Mormon), Greg Stone (The Government Inspector) and Alison Whyte (Love and Information).

When: PART 1, 7.30pm, Thursday 6 June. PART 2, 7.30pm, Friday 7 June

Where: The Coopers Malthouse, 113 Strout St, Southbank

Access: Wheelchair, Auslan interpreted. 

Cost: $35-$72

Audio introduction to Malthouse Season 2019 – Cloud Street

Event type: Exhibition. Title: We Too Paintings. Date: Jun 13–Aug 7 2019. Ticket cost: Free Accessibility features: Accessible venue,

There are two images. The left one is an abstract painting consisting of a dessert-like colour covered in glyphs created by Mathew Simpson. The right one is an abstract painting of brightly coloured flora created by Isha Paasse.

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Event type: Other. Title: Artist Networking Sessions. Date: Jul 25 2019. Ticket cost: Free Accessibility features: Accessible venue, Auslan interpreted,

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