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Ignite 2019

You are invited to the inclusive exhibition opening of Arts Access Victoria’s annual visual arts showcase, Ignite 2019!

The exhibition will focus on selected works by ten Victorian artists living with disability, working across a range of media. All featured works will be available for purchase.


When: 22 October - 2 November 2019, 12 pm - 5 pm

Where: No Vacancy Gallery, 34-40 Jane Bell Lane (off Russell St), Level 3, QV Building, Melbourne

Access: wheelchair accessible

Cost: free

The exhibition will also be presented in digital form

The Artists. 

Isha Paasse: is a self-taught artist who has been practicing art for ten years. She is a country girl residing in the western districts of Victoria. She thrives in the natural world away from the stress of everyday life, hence the ideas and inspiration within her art. She enjoys creating a feeling rather than drawing the perfect image.

Matthew Simpson: I am a visual artist. I have painted for many years. I never lost the childhood passion for art that most kids have but many lose at school. I attended the Victorian College of the Arts in the 80’s. My work for the past few years has concentrated on the possibilities of form and patterns that emerge through a process of repeated addition of lines.

Chelle Destefano: I dig deep, research deep, think deep and bring out what I feel and think onto canvas. One subject at a time. Each subject provokes thought, discussion and introspection in myself. I feel my past lives come through in my artworks and I treasure history in many forms. I’m always home with my art, and not just the literal sense but in a mental and emotional sense. Art makes me who I am.

Paul Henry: My art is what I call abstract, surreal expressionist. It is all very random really. Expressing emotion without words is what my art is all about. It is going beyond that tangible everyday stuff and entering into a mystical parallel universe.

Matthew Jelleff: For 30 years have I pushed the pen and examined the objects of our world. Now focus lies beyond the third dimension as I seek to reveal the crux of all creativity. Much like the growth of a tree, the artwork expands from scratch as it pours out of my mind onto paper. The result is a direct visual representation of the neurological and inspirational process which has occurred to generate the image itself, resulting in an otherworldly spectre graph of twisted organic structures.

Jonathon Goodfellow: As far back as I can remember – early in my childhood – my identity as an artist found expression, first in dance, then in sign and photography. Visually my current work draws from a wide and vivid colour palette and focuses on convergent and divergent approaches to the reductive abstraction of the figurative, producing works that attempt to relate in very personal ways to the observer as interpreter.

Dean White: I draw every single day – not necessarily completing pieces, yet creating a backlog of expressions of my emotional state. This gives me a backlog of work to be reinterpreted or repurposed. I am an artist. Finally. My heart is filled with Joy to finally arrive here. Enjoy my work… Well, it’s not work really. Enjoy my passionate expression.

Nicky Tsourlenes: Nicole’s work focuses largely on capturing movement. She has a large body of work based around fair-ground attractions as well as an ongoing series of urban street photography. Her digital collage works portray her subjects over time, and fragment as the subject moves.

Ellie Luks: A visual artist living and working in Victoria, Elly attends Arts Access Victoria’s Get Out! creative studio in Frankston where she works mostly in 2D mixed media. Her work displays a love of rich textures and a subtle understanding of colour. She works quickly and intuitively to create complex compositions, often featuring motifs of water and flowers. She has been in several group exhibitions and collaborative performances with Get Out! on the Mornington Peninsula.

Kristy Sweeney: A visual artist living in Victoria, Kristy is a long-time member of Art Day South, a supported studio in Dingley run by Arts Access Victoria.  She was also a founding member of Satellite, Arts Access Victoria’s supported studio run at the Monash Gallery of Art in Wheelers Hill.
Kristy is a dedicated and prolific artist. Working mainly in drawing, Kristy creates highly detailed and vividly colourful compositions, often featuring a host of wildly imagined characters, both animal and human. Her practice has also expanded into animation, and more recently, textile-based work. Kristy has exhibited in many group shows across Melbourne and Sydney.

For more information, please contact Creative Producer Phil Noack at or on (03) 8640 6027.