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Kaz McGlynn

Celebrated Barwon Heads-based Artist Kaz Mcglynn has had a love of color and drawing since childhood.

Raised in Geelong, she spent much of her time drawing the picturesque beach images and people; when at school, she spent most her time in the art room, lost in the freedom of creative expression.

Kaz attended Gordon Institute of Technology and was Dux of Diploma of Art, Industrial Textile Design. She worked in the screen printing industry and earned a Diploma of Education majoring in Art.

As she produces paintings, sculptures, ceramics, public art installations and many other creative products, Kaz asks us to stop and enjoy the precious scenes that linger for just a moment and then are gone. She reflects on her personal emotions, ideas and memories of interpersonal relationships and the world around her through her artwork.

My artwork for me is like creating a memory, a thought that you want to treasure forever.

It is apparent that Kaz is willing to share her joys and sorrows in a quirky way through her work, which leaves quite an impact on audiences.

Kaz, who has worked in Asia and Europe, sells her work from her studio and exhibitions. She has sold hundreds of original paintings and sculptures over the years, including privately commissioned works. In addition, she has worked on many Public Community Art Commissions.

See more of Kaz’s work at her website.