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Little Brother, Big Sister

A family relationship revealing the secrets of the heavily stigmatised mental illness schizophrenia.

Two Siblings. One little brother Michel with Schizophrenia. One Big Sister Karen his carer. How does each sibling navigate this circumstance that life has dealt? Through their relationship realities are demystified – the truth’s regarding this highly stigmatised mental illness are revealed. Is there a cure to one of medicine’s greatest mysteries?

When: Saturday 30 March 2:00 pm

Where: La Mama Courthouse Theatre, 349 Drummond Street, Carlton Access: Wheelchair

Access: wheelchair

Cost: $10

Written by Michel Paul Tuomy

Performed by Rhys Hamlyn & Jane Barry

Dramaturgy by Sandy Jeffs & Peter Matheson

Arts Mentor – Tania Smith

Artwork by Michel Paul Tuomy

Photography by Darren Gill

Event type: Exhibition. Title: Skin Gallery: 'Two', an exhibition by Adam Knapper and Güler Altunbas. Date: Jan 31–Apr 3 2019. Ticket cost: Free Accessibility features: Accessible venue,

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