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Art Form: A workbook for young people

‘Art Form’ is a notebook, diary, journal or planning tool, where you can plan, list, record and explore your passion for art.

“I can’t imagine my world without art because that’s how you express yourself.” – Phoenix

As an individual you have rights and should be treated fairly. You have the right to take part in arts and culture, to:

  • Be creative
  • Make art
  • Learn new creative and artistic skills
  • Go to an arts event
  • Work in the arts
  • Say you want art in your life or health plan
  • Say how important art is to you
  • Stand up for your right to make art
  • Take responsibility for how you want to be involved in the arts
  • Use art to say something about your life

Being involved in the arts can improve your health and well-being. The National Arts and Health Framework states that Art for health can be a:

  • Way of communicating sensitive health issues
  • Means of individual self-expression and personal development
  • Tool for enhancing community engagement, social relationships and communication

Being involved in the arts can help you to feel good about yourself, give your day purpose and meaning. Art can make you feel happier and healthier, emotionally and physically and give you new skills. Being involved in the arts can make you feel less isolated, and connect you with a community of people.

To use ‘Art Form’, you just need to download the PDF. Click the download button (on the left of your screen for computers and below for smartphones).

You can contact us and have a physical copy sent to you.

If this document is not accessible to you, please contact us.

‘Art Form’ was published in 2018.

Arts Access Victoria would like to thank and acknowledge the Youth Arts Network of young people who have a lived experience or are passionate about mental health, for their guidance and assistance in co-designing, writing and creating these resources.

‘Art Form’ booklet, ‘Art and You’ and ‘Art Advocacy’ films have been produced as part of the Connecting the Dots project and supported by The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. Art Form booklet graphic design by Carla McKee. ‘Art and You’ and ‘Art Advocacy’ films by Singing Bowl Media.