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Schizy Week 2017

Schizy Week runs celebrates the awesome creative spirit that runs freely in people on a path of mental health recovery and runs during Schizophrenia Awareness Week in May.

Schizy Week Jam features live music and performances by artists with lived experience of mental health recovery on stage at the Bell St Mall in Heidelberg West from 2pm - 4pm. 

Please contact the Schizy Week team if you'd like to be involved either as an artist or part of the team. Non-diagnostical – everyone's welcome!

Event type: Exhibition. Title: Shades Within Melbourne Part 2. Date: Nov 30 2017–Jan 4 2018. Ticket cost: Free Accessibility features: Accessible venue,

Toby Matheson No.91440

Event type: Performance. Title: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Relaxed Performance. Date: Jan 25 2018. Ticket cost: $35 Accessibility features: Accessible venue, Relaxed Performance,

ACM On Guide 2000x2300 Curious1440