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Service Charter

Arts Access Victoria is committed to providing high quality services to our members, participants and clients. This charter explains how we deliver our services.

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Our members

Our members include all financial members of Arts Access Victoria.

Our participants

Our participants are individuals taking part in our programs and projects. Participants are usually people with a disability or people who are socially disadvantaged.

Our clients

Our clients constitute a broad range of individuals, organisations and groups who seek our services for advice, referrals and consultancies.


Arts Access Victoria believes that individuals, organisations and groups should be able to access our services with ease and equity. We do this by:

  • providing information in a range of accessible formats;
  • providing interpreters when necessary (Auslan and sign language interpreters, foreign language interpreters, relay services, note-takers, etc);
  • offering customised and personal service;
  • using accessible spaces for our administration, programs and projects;
  • maintaining an accessible website;
  • providing access to projects and programs that are free or low-cost; and
  • providing programs that are culturally appropriate

Communication and information

Timely and relevant communication with our members, participants and clients is important to us. We are committed to:

  • responding to all phone, email, TTY and text messages and website form enquiries within 3 working days;
  • acknowledging all written correspondence within 10 working days;
  • notifying the correspondent if the relevant staff member is away or unavailable and offering the option of being assisted by another staff member;
  • circulating relevant and up-to-date information through online and print newsletters, website, and social media; and
  • providing information that is accurate, up-to-date and easy to understand.

Point of contact

All of our members, participants and clients will be provided with the name of the Arts Access Victoria staff member responsible for their project or program and details of how to contact them.

Privacy and confidentiality

All privacy and confidentiality requirements will be respected. For further information refer to the Arts Access Victoria Privacy Policy.

Feedback and complaints

We encourage feedback so that we can continually improve our processes and services. All projects include formal processes for obtaining participant feedback and evaluation.

We also recognise the right of individuals and organisations to make a complaint against Arts Access Victoria and we are committed to the fair and quick resolution of all issues. We will respond to all complaints as promptly as practical and without unreasonable delay (in most cases within 10 working days).

Read our complaints policy.

The process for making a complaint is:

  • In the first instance, contact the person who is your point of contact (usually the Project Coordinator). The staff member will aim to resolve the issue immediately.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved by the staff member, it will be referred to the staff member’s immediate supervisor (in most cases, the Project Manager). The Manager will aim to resolve the issue.
  • If the issue still remains unresolved, a formal complaint should be sent to the Executive Director of Arts Access Victoria. The complaint should be made in writing or the method most effective dependant on your communication requirements. The Executive Director will contact you and every attempt will be made to resolve the issue.
  • If there is no resolution at this stage, you will be invited to a formal mediation attended by Arts Access Victoria staff, the Executive Director, and an external mediator/facilitator if required.
  • If the matter remains unresolved after all internal processes have been exhausted, resolution will be sought through appropriate external channels.

At any point in the process, you may choose to include an advocate or other representative.

Monitoring and review

This service charter will be reviewed annually and will include analysis of feedback and complaints.

For further information

To find out more about our Service Charter, contact Arts Access Victoria:

Arts Access Victoria
222 Bank Street, South Melbourne 3205
Voice 03 9699 8299
Fax 03 9699 8868