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Echo Collective

Echo Collective is an inclusive performing arts collective. Improvisation, storytelling, creative experimentation, and fun is what Echo Collective does best! Whether its online or face to face, joining Echo Collective means you will play a part in creating the wildest stories and narratives imaginable.

The Echo Collective ensemble is standing up in front of a crowd.

Something Else, Echo Collective, The Kiln, Arts Centre Melbourne, 2019. Photo by Pippa Samaya.

Echo Collective is open to all Deaf and Disabled Artists with an interest in collaborative and experimental art-making, music, visual art and improvisation. Echo Collective welcomes all Deaf and Disabled artists including those from Cultural and Linguistic Diverse backgrounds as well as First Nations, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) and LGBTQIA+ artists.

Timeline and dates

Echo Collective meets each Wednesday and breaks during the school holiday periods. We have 40 sessions a year. Each session runs for 3 hours, 10am-1pm

Mediums the studio works with

Echo Collective develops skills in performance and improvisation. Members of the collective work together. You will share stories and interests. We use these stories and ideas as a starting point for making live or recorded performances.

Echo Collective’s interest in performing stories takes all forms. You will work in drawing and visual art, dance and movement, interviews and word games.

Echo Collective believes in using imagination, having a willingness to be surprised, an open mind and a sense of humour.

What we provide

Echo Collective provides a welcoming and inclusive environment where endless creative possibilities can take place for Deaf and Disabled artists.
Participating artists get a chance to:
  • catch up in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • be part of creative and collaborative exercises
  • contribute to the creative focus of the studio.
  • develop improvised story telling skills
  • be part of public outcomes for theatre, film, festivals, and online spaces.
It doesn’t matter if you haven’t performed before – what you need to bring is an interest in play and an appetite for fun.

Why you should join

Echo Collective is focusing on developing digital story telling skills.
One of Echo Collective’s objectives is Disability Leadership. The studio’s supportive environment aims to foster a space where artists can explore their creative ideas, and lead activities with their peers.

Echo Collectives History

Echo Collective has been based in the Western suburbs of Melbourne for ten years. Echo Collective started out as a youth ensemble. Echo has now evolved into a performance collective for all ages. The ensemble has made performances for film, and for the Arts Centre Melbourne and Due West Festival. Echo Collective has a long history of engaging youth from Cultural and Linguistic Diverse backgrounds.
Echo Collective was the Winner of the Maribyrnong Inclusive Recognition Award for Best Inclusive Art Group.
Echo Collective is an ensemble of  actors, directors, filmmakers, musicians, and visual artists.
Echo Collective has presented:

For more information about Echo Collective, please fill out the form below, or email Fina Po (Echo Collective Creative Producer) at You can also call (03) 9699 8299(voice only) / 0477 860 955 (text or voice) and ask for Fina Po

Echo Collective flyer cover.

Download the flyer

Download flyer

During Covid-19 Echo Collective went online. Through this process, the performance ensemble started to create a series of videos and audio episodes under the name Channel Echo.

Check out Channel Echo

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