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Vibrant Acland Seed Grants now open!

Come summer time Acland Street, St Kilda will have a brand new plaza! To celebrate, City of Port Phillip is inviting organisations and individuals to work with us to deliver a twelve month calendar of activities that showcase Acland Street as the vibrant heart of St Kilda.

Council is looking to fund a range of events, festivals, installations, pop-ups, public classes, recreational and creative activities that demonstrate the broad possibilities of the site, test new ideas and can show an ability to be self-sufficient in the future.

Artists and creatives are invited to apply for the Vibrant Acland Seed Grants to create cultural events, recreational activities, interactive installations, temporary public art activities and free play activities. 

Do you have an idea outside the box? City of Port Phillip wants to hear about it! 

Find out more or apply for a Seed Grant.