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West Projections - Guided Tour

This project brings together the work of Sibe Lumani and Rose-Linda Portelli, both artists from the AAV SRS Studios. the projections draw on common interests of home and place, and how they shape our identities. 'I Call Home Sweet Home Four Different Places' is a playful explosion of colour and storytellingWest Projections is an intimate place-based community projection festival. Exploring places big and small you can encounter projections in various settings from tiny boxes to shop front windows.

Sibe Lumani was born in the old St Vincent's hospital, Melbourne. She has lived in Broadmeadows, Shepperton and Werribee before moving to Footscray thirteen years ago. A mother to six children, three boys and three girls. She is a prolific artist whose Focus is painting and drawing. Sibe uses her art to explore themes of home, place and family.

Rose-Linda Portelli was born in Melbourne. Living and practices her art from Footscray. She regularly visits Malta where she originates from. Rose-Linda explores themes of home, place and family in her artwork. Working in the medium of drawing and painting in a colourful and playful aesthetic.

SWEET SEDDON - Guided Tour

Sweet Seddon begins at Seddon Train Station and ends at Middle Footscray Train Station.

When: Friday, August 16, 2019, 6.00 PM  7.00 PM

Starting Location: Seddon Railway Station (map) 

COST: $10 + booking fee per adult

 Access: wheelchair accessible. For more info about access visit the West Projections website.

Event type: Exhibition. Title: We Too Paintings. Date: Jun 13–Sep 3 2019. Ticket cost: Free Accessibility features: Accessible venue,

There are two images. The left one is an abstract painting consisting of a dessert-like colour covered in glyphs created by Mathew Simpson. The right one is an abstract painting of brightly coloured flora created by Isha Paasse.

Event type: Exhibition. Title: See me. Date: Aug 4–28 2019. Ticket cost: Free Accessibility features: Accessible venue,

see me exhibition

Event type: Other. Title: Networking session with special guest Rachel Gadsden . Date: Aug 29 2019. Ticket cost: Free Accessibility features: Accessible venue, Auslan interpreted,

ae banners networking website2