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An elderly woman wearing a bright pink long sleeve top and red trousers standing in a patch of land. On her left, there are newly growing plants. There are trees on a green patch of grass behind her, surrounded by power line towers in front of a power station.


Free Film Portraiture Workshops for Young People

Free film photography workshop for young people aged 12 – 25 years! Learn about making portrait photography with Hillvale photographers Clare Steele and Anne Moffat. You’ll use Hillvale recycled...

Image Description: a group of young disabled artists proudly showing their work.


Future Reset – Maker Space Term 1

Future Reset – Maker Space is a series of free in person and online visual and digital arts workshops. Future Reset – Maker Space is for young Deaf and...

a colourful collage, a person is in a wooden boat holding a lantern. text: Time. Make Your Mark.


Future Reset – Maker Space Tasters

We will help you learn new skills and give you the resources to create new works and new friends! Future Reset – Maker Space is a series of free...

Colour photograph of Joseph Stewart and Anna Seymour. Joseph has his eyes closed and is leaning backwards with his bare chest exposed. Anna leans her head against his shoulder and is facing the opposite direction. Anna’s dark curls frame her face and she looks out into the distance. Their arms are entwined and the background is a pink tongue colour.


Under My Tongue – Belinda Locke

Under My Tongue is a performance, exhibition and public program directed and curated by Belinda Locke. Content Warning: references to medical settings and mental health challenges. Under My Tounge...

two people are sitting chairs talking


Nexus 2023: Professional Development

Nexus will run Thursdays 1 – 4 pm from 3 August – 21 September. You can come in person at Arts Access Victoria offices or join online. Expressions of...

A person with light brown curly hair and a woman with dark hair sit at a table, seeming to listen intently to someone speaking out of frame.


Artist in Focus – Flick

What kind of art do you make? I make theatre/live performance. I am primarily a writer but it’s heavily devised with a creatives and performers in the room. I...

people are sitting around in a semi circle and a microphone is being past around


Be part of Nexus 2022!

What is Nexus 2022? Nexus 2022 is a free professional development program. It is for young Deaf and Disabled people who want to build a career in the arts....

A group of people are sitting in chairs talking


We want you to participate in Nexus 2022!

What is Nexus 2022? Nexus 2022 is a free professional development program for artists at any skill or career level. It is designed for and by Deaf and Disabled...

Raina Peterson, a person with long dark hair, stands in a darkened space, their face and shoulders illuminated by a theatre light. Their head is throw back and their mouth is slightly open, as if in a reverie.


The Museum of Us: Embodiment Workshop

Drawing on their practice as a yoga and dance teacher, Raina will lead participants on a journey back to our bodies, the ground and the world around us after...