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Timber covered in copper shim is painted blue, watts and question marks are visible with three sea symbols. Hanging from wire are 45 copper ears like little pendants and a longer ear like a crucifix.

2023 What by Penny Pollard

A green island with a bridge shape sits in the ocean between two lands.

A Bridge To The Sea

Two people, one with the arm around the other.

A Carer of A Kid

A figure in colourful clothing with hands on hips stands in front of a striped background.

A Fella Dancing

Abstract background with figures hovering in front.

A Hidden Place

A brown building shed sits in a landscape of green forest.

A Shed Out in the Wilderness

A vibrant painting of many small, jagged shapes painted in different colours including red, purple, green, orange, yellow and red. The entire page has been filled in.

Aerial View of Bulging Rocks and Green Grass By Anthony Davies

An egg shaped ceramic bowl featuring different species of birds.

Alcedo azurea and Platycercus elegans (least Concern) by Lisa Pownall

Thick, cream coloured with subtle detailed lines of varying thickness which form abstract looped complex organic forms.

Alien of IO by Aleshanee Faery

Ink drawing of a silhouette of two lovers embracing.

Always by Chandra K

Self portrait of a man with grey hair and a long grey beard with intense brown eyes that are open wide. The painting has a black background with green and yellow at the top. The paint is applied evenly and flat. The beard has a whispy quality.

Angry Eyes By Peter Strang

A sculpture of a sphere on a stem with a pink slit sits in a fabric base

Artist as Sheila

Trees in the Australian bush

Ash By Leeann Preddy

A pink background on A2 paper with purple, blue, yellow, green and orange shapes. In the centre is a set of scales. It reminds me to have a balance of happiness.

Balance of Happiness by Jo Kiriazis

A blue round soft sculpture.

Ball by Linda Harman

A large painting that is the artists interpretation of Barbara Streisand.

Barbara Streisand by Theo Psathas