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A sculpture of a sphere on a stem with a pink slit sits in a fabric base

Artist as Sheila

A suit of armour on a mannequin made from pill packets.

Battle Armour

An orange stripe makes a bold vertical column with blue columns to the side and a black form like a gun sits at the base of the composition.


Three metal tube sculptures of skulls with jagged teeth and traces of gold sit within a white background.

Do you ever find it strange to be yourself

Birds in flight fly across a background of red in a print of an etching.


A dripping mass of jelly beans drips down a white background.

Jelly Beans

A dark canvas with white brush strokes reaching upwards from the base of the canvas.

Light Spill # 1

Swathes of browns and greens run diagonally across a square canvas like rings of a tree.


Coffee beans spill over a white canvas and leak off the square of the canvas in a viscous resin.

Spill the Beans

A view down a set of stairs with two steel circles seen on the top right, blurred.

Stairs 1

Two wheels are seen in motion rolling down a set of stairs.

Stairs 2

Two wheels are seen in motion rolling down a set of stairs.

Stairs 3

A pink pathway winds through a landscape painted in acrylic colours suggesting Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Starry Night

The Wrecker in pink text overlaid on an image of a crumpled up paper resembling a heart.

The heart exposed

A paper crane made from maps photographed on a white plinth.

The Spills of History

Trouble. Most things are in pink text overlaid on a photo of a crumpled red piece of paper.

Tulle skirts