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A hand-illustrated cockatoo flies against a bright blue background

Cockadoododo by Fiona Taylor

Drawing of a long necked woman wearing a purple dress, with brown hair, sitting on a chair.

Colourful Woman By Antonio Luatutu

An ochre painting in earthy tones on round wooden board with bumpy lines at irregular spaces going horizontal across the board.

Conjury by Jane Tomlinson

An ochre painting with a horizontal abstract form filling a third of the page. The earthy red form features a spiral of dots and a branch like cradle around it, surrounded by wavy lines.

Cradle by Jane Tomlinson

Acrylic painting on canvas of an angry cartoon figure. A comic next to it showing angry being mad.

Crusher the Mad by Miranda Cook

An abstract geometric print in shades of blue

Crystal by Aleshanee Faery

A tapestry of an abstract figure with googly eyes

Dad by Heather White

A painting of two Chinese New Year Dragons dancing.

Dancing Chinese Dragons by Josephine Lazidis

Four yellow circles on each corner with a pink star in the middle on an A2 green background paper

Dazzling Pink Star by Jo Kiriazis

A texta drawing on paper of three graves in the grass, each with simple rounded headstone with the letters RIP in black fineliner. Above are four clouds of squiggly blue and a sun of squiggly yellow, all outlined in black fineliner.

Dead Art By Sylvia Stoganovic

An abstract geometric print in shades of blue

Directions by Aleshanee Faery

A painting of the Disneyand palace with multicolour fireworks above it, and reflected on the water below.

Disneyland Palace Fireworks by Josephine Lazidis

A pink palace with a hidden dragon in the basement.

Disneyland Palace Pink by Josephine Lazidis

Three metal tube sculptures of skulls with jagged teeth and traces of gold sit within a white background.

Do you ever find it strange to be yourself

A ceramic bowl featuring three emus and native plants.

Dromaius novaehollandiae (least Concern) by Lisa Pownall

A drawing of a silhouette of a female figure with birds dancing around her.

Elegant by Chandra K