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Ink drawing of a silhouette of two figures dancing, intertwined.

Elegantly by Chandra K

A photograph of Elvis holding a guitar attached to a piece of paper using making tape. With the name Elvis. G. Thomas written on top using red pencil colours.

Elvis? By Graham Thomas

Birds in flight fly across a background of red in a print of an etching.


Ocean with the 12 Apostles and cliff face

Erosion By Leeann Preddy

A ceramic bowl with three finches on a gum tree branch.

Erythrura Gouldiae (Near Threatened) by Lisa Pownall

An abstract geometric print in shades of blue

Every Drop is Precious by Aleshanee Faery

Thick, cream coloured with subtle detailed lines of varying thickness which form abstract looped complex organic forms.

Exobiology of Europa by Aleshanee Faery

Five people grouped together looking at the camer in front of a building.


Finepoint pencil sketch of a female magpie on a branch. Her head is raised upwards, beak open as though cawing.

Female Magpie By Vincent Gamon

A man stands in a field of flowers, painted in expressive dots.

Field of Flowers

A figure lays in front of a red brick wall looking directly at the camera wearing a dress that also has a red brick pattern on it.

Fina by Warren Loorham

Curved base in thick paint lines of deep green, blue and hints of brown. A wavy green line joins the ends with four green circles spread across it. The centre is white with five green C shaped lines.

Fish in the Bath By Puthea Leng

An abstract geometric print in shades of blue

Flow by Aleshanee Faery

A vibrant soft sculpture with multiple colours and beads on top

Flower by Elly Luks

A bush with green foliage and brown branches reaching up to the top of the painting with vibrant red flowers in bloom.

Flowers by Leeann Preddy

An abstract geometric print in shades of blue

Flowing Conversation by Aleshanee Faery