TOFF at ACMI soft sculptures

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A blue round soft sculpture.

Ball by Linda Harman

A soft sculpture of an animalistic friendly yellow dog.

Bobby by Roslyn Simmons

A soft sculpture with calico background and black drawn on depicting a man

Boy Toy by Jonathan Thomson

A tapestry of an abstract figure with googly eyes

Dad by Heather White

A vibrant soft sculpture with multiple colours and beads on top

Flower by Elly Luks

A soft sculpture of a large brown hand.

Hand by Correne Lucida

A soft sculpture of a cartoon like horse.

Horse by Linda Harman

A soft sculpture of a pink dolphin.

Lily by Linda Harman

A soft sculpture of a figure of a man.

Man With Abs by David Yun

A grey soft sculpture of a dolphin.

Stephanie by Linda Harman

A large multicoloured soft sculpture

Untitled by David Donnison

A dozen hand sized art works made of colourful fabric, wound into circular shapes.

Untitled by Lorraine (Lei Lei) Hayes

A series of fabrics connected together and wrapped round a mannequins head.

Untitled by Michael Gelsi

A large jellybean multicoloured soft sculpture.

Untitled by Tess McDonald

A soft sculpture of a horse

Untitled Roslyn Simmons

A large soft sculpture of the figure of a woman.

Woman by Jonathan Thomson