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Maidstone Multi-artform

SRS Studio Maidstone

Weekly arts sessions specifically for Deaf and Disabled artists, people who dont have access to NDIS funding

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Digital Melbourne CBD Online Visual Arts

Future Reset – Maker Space

We will help you learn new skills and give you the resources to create new works and new friends!

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Dingley Performing Arts Sound Art Visual Arts

Art Day South

Art Day South is an inclusive arts studio. Artists create experimental visual, performing, and digital art, working towards group and solo exhibitions across Metropolitan and South-Eastern Suburbs.   

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Brunswick Multi-artform


Artstop is a visual arts studio based in Brunswick. Join Artstop to develop new skills in a relaxed environment. This is a place for you to make art, connect with your peers and present your work in public outcomes.

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Frankston Multi-artform

Get Out!

Get Out! is an inclusive arts studio, designed to support creative expression, artistic development, and public engagement.

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Bundoora Visual Arts


Nimbus is an inclusive visual arts studio. At Nimbus, you will develop your artistic skills in visual arts and expand your portfolio. You will explore your individual arts practice with a group of committed artists.

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SRS Studios

We run ten inclusive arts studios in Supported Residential Services (SRS) across Melbourne. These studios offer the opportunity for people from SRSs to develop their artistic skills across many art forms.

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Multi-artform St Albans

Way Out West

Way Out West (WOW) is an inclusive arts studio. Artists come together for creative experimentation. You get to explore visual arts, performance, installations, music, animation and video. Develop your artistic skills and explore your creativity in a supportive environment.

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