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Art Day South

Art Day South is an inclusive arts studio. At Art Day South, you will develop your artistic skills across visual, sound and performing arts. You will use sound and video as a tool to extend your drawing and performance practices.

A group shot of Art Day South Artists.

Art Day South artists, Go Have A Look, Kingston Arts Centre, 2018. Photography by Rachel Main.

The studio began in 1991. Since then, artists have collaborated to experiment and develop new artworks and projects. The Art Day South artists have shown their artworks and performed most recently at:

Art Day South artworks and merchandise can be purchased on RedBubble.

For more information about Art Day South, please fill out the form below, or email Kate Stodart at You can also call (03) 9699 8299 and ask for Kate Stodart. Kate is the Coordinator and Creative Producer of the Art Day South studio.

You can watch a collection of videos by the Art Day South artists below. 

Art Day South flyer cover.

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