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We can support you to advocate for arts and cultural participation in your plan. We offer many levels of support. It could range from phone advice, to one of our team members joining you as a support person in your planning meeting or plan appeal.

AAV can support you to make and experience art as part of a group or independently. As an AAV participant, you can build your creative skills, meet new people, and have fun.

We can work with you to develop an NDIS plan that mixes Core and Capacity Building supports to enable you to:

    • Participate in group-based arts studios or individual mentoring sessions that meet your needs
    • Develop or improve social skills and relationships through making and experiencing art
    • Engage independently in arts and cultural activities, like community workshops

We can support you to engage with your local community, so you can meet new people and have new creative experiences. We can assist you to develop an NDIS plan that mixes Core and Capacity Building supports to enable you to:

    • Engage with mainstream and community arts and cultural programs and services. For example visiting Arts Centre Melbourne or joining our studios.
    • Engage in arts and cultural activities in the community to reduce the risk of social isolation.

Whether you want to learn more about making art or make a career in the arts, we can support you to pursue your goals. Working with us, you can:

    • Build skills to pursue your goals, whether it is to become an artist, an arts worker or to experience more art
    • Engage mentors who can help you build on your creative skills or develop new ones
    • Get training, advice and orientation to help you transition from school to further education
A drawing of a lizard. Toni Arfaras

Artist Toni Arfaras shared her NDIS journey

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We have planning booklets to help you advocate for art in your NDIS plan.

Check out our NDIS Planning resourses

Contact us

Please contact Jo van Heek (AAV NDIS Coordinator) on (03) 8640 6009 to find out more about how AAV can support you to achieve your artistic goals through the NDIS.

You can also get in touch with us by fill in the below form: Tell us a bit more about yourself and someone from the AAV team will get in touch with you within 10 working days.

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