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A painted mural is on top of a wooden fence overlooking the Melbourne city skyline


Capturing the City: Characters on Flinders Walk

We invite you to come to a performance of over 40 emerging artists outside of Signal on Flinders Walk. Over the past month, these artists have been developing characters...

Colour photograph of Joseph Stewart and Anna Seymour. Joseph has his eyes closed and is leaning backwards with his bare chest exposed. Anna leans her head against his shoulder and is facing the opposite direction. Anna’s dark curls frame her face and she looks out into the distance. Their arms are entwined and the background is a pink tongue colour.


Under My Tongue – Belinda Locke

Under My Tongue is a performance, exhibition and public program directed and curated by Belinda Locke. Content Warning: references to medical settings and mental health challenges. Under My Tounge...

Headshot of Sidney Younger. Photo by Amanda Hitten.


Artist in Focus – Sidney Younger

What kind of art do you make? Lighting Design. How long have you been making art? Sidney has been working freelance across a broad range of genres and performances...


Artist in Focus – Michel Tuomy

What kind of art do you make? I am the playwright of ‘Little Brother, Big Sister’ the theatre play which [showed] at La Mama Courthouse Theatre in June 2023....

A person with light brown curly hair and a woman with dark hair sit at a table, seeming to listen intently to someone speaking out of frame.


Artist in Focus – Flick

What kind of art do you make? I make theatre/live performance. I am primarily a writer but it’s heavily devised with a creatives and performers in the room. I...

a man and a woman are standing next to each other.


Little Brother, Big Sister

Drawn from the writer’s lived experience of schizophrenia, this powerful play explores the relationship between siblings who grapple to manage this condition, interrupting their urge to transform the world...

a woman is standing on a stage with her hand in the air.


AAV Studios are open for enrolment!

Echo Collective Echo Collective is an inclusive performing arts collective. You will get to work on your Improvisation, storytelling, and creative experimentation. Joining Echo Collective means you will play...

wo figures in colour graded white with faces covered hold up wine glasses in regal poses


Alter State – Flaunt

Join in the Flaunt films online with Guest Curator Kath Duncan at ACMI Cinema 3. Flaunt screening: 29 September – 6 October 2022. ‘Flaunt takes courage, commitment and the...

Cassette tapes


The inaugural Arts Access Victoria Amplify Award

Established to shine a light on and recognise the contributions made by Deaf and Disabled musicians in the past 12 months, this award is long overdue and rewards the...