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The Collective in glitter


The Collective – Opening

For 50 years, Arts Access Victoria (AAV) has championed disability justice and the human rights of Deaf and Disabled people through art. The Collective digs deep into the AAV...

A photo outside the Yarra Sculpture Gallery. There is a beautiful mural by Manda Lane on a brick wall with black and white floral and plant illustration


Yarra Sculpture Gallery Summer Residency Exhibition Opening

If you can’t make it on Saturday, you can check out the artworks Thursday 29 February – Sunday 3 March. The gallery is open 11 am to 4 pm....


SRS Studio Maidstone

SRS Studio Maidstone is a great space to explore different art forms and connect with other artists in a welcoming environment. Timeline and Date Studio Art Forms What We...

A lilac background with four brackets with four circles in each corner. In the middle is a stretched diamond with two red and two teal diamonds with one yellow and black circle in each diamond.



‘Nimbostratus’ is a group exhibition presented by the Nimbus studio. Nimbus are a creative collective working from the Bundoora Homestead Art Centre. They’ve been developing their practices in a...

a colourful collage, a person is in a wooden boat holding a lantern. text: Time. Make Your Mark.


Future Reset – Maker Space Tasters

We will help you learn new skills and give you the resources to create new works and new friends! Future Reset – Maker Space is a series of free...

A painted mural is on top of a wooden fence overlooking the Melbourne city skyline


Capturing the City: Characters on Flinders Walk

We invite you to come to a performance of over 40 emerging artists outside of Signal on Flinders Walk. Over the past month, these artists have been developing characters...

Nikki Willson in her study. Photo by Simon Bronson


Artist in Focus – Nikki Willson

What kind of art do you make? Digitally manipulated, collaged and painted photography and video installations that explore bodily memory and the construction of identity in the context of...


Artist in Focus – Michel Tuomy

What kind of art do you make? I am the playwright of ‘Little Brother, Big Sister’ the theatre play which [showed] at La Mama Courthouse Theatre in June 2023....

The Werribee Gorge, rich reds, browns and oranges create the gorge below, scattered bunches of yellow straw grass, dead tree branches hanging from the earth walls. Above are tall euculyptus trees, vibrant and green leaves contrasting the soft, blue sky.


From Here to There

From Here to There tracks our movement. Movement of the body, of the mind, of time. How we moved from where we were to where we are. How we...