From Here to There

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A vibrant painting of many small, jagged shapes painted in different colours including red, purple, green, orange, yellow and red. The entire page has been filled in.

Aerial View of Bulging Rocks and Green Grass By Anthony Davies

Self portrait of a man with grey hair and a long grey beard with intense brown eyes that are open wide. The painting has a black background with green and yellow at the top. The paint is applied evenly and flat. The beard has a whispy quality.

Angry Eyes By Peter Strang

A line drawing of an eagle and an owl using purple texta. The birds are human’s best friends. 这幅老鹰和猫头鹰的画是用紫色水彩笔勾勒完成的。鸟是人类的好朋友

Birds in Nature By Jing He

A pencil and pastel illustration of a cheetah. The cheetah’s head faces forward, baring its teeth, taking up most of the page. The background is a bright, teal blue.

Cheetah By Diana Kagadis

Drawing of a long necked woman wearing a purple dress, with brown hair, sitting on a chair.

Colourful Woman By Antonio Luatutu

A texta drawing on paper of three graves in the grass, each with simple rounded headstone with the letters RIP in black fineliner. Above are four clouds of squiggly blue and a sun of squiggly yellow, all outlined in black fineliner.

Dead Art By Sylvia Stoganovic

A photograph of Elvis holding a guitar attached to a piece of paper using making tape. With the name Elvis. G. Thomas written on top using red pencil colours.

Elvis? By Graham Thomas

Finepoint pencil sketch of a female magpie on a branch. Her head is raised upwards, beak open as though cawing.

Female Magpie By Vincent Gamon

Curved base in thick paint lines of deep green, blue and hints of brown. A wavy green line joins the ends with four green circles spread across it. The centre is white with five green C shaped lines.

Fish in the Bath By Puthea Leng

A drawing of an eagle in graphite, charcoal and pencil. Blocks of vibrant blue with vigorous markings in black and grey.

Flying Eagle By John Penna

Abstract painting of shapes and patterns in reds, blues, yellows, greens and silver. Curved lines with some paint thickly applied in sections. Edges of the canvas are painted red.

Fragmented Space By Stefano Conti

Coloured pencil drawing of a male gang gang cockatoo. It has grey feathers, a grey beak with a red and yellow face, red head feather and a black eye.

Gang Gang Cockatoo By Kim Iddon

Mosaic of a cat of blue and gold. Lines of red, orange, yellow and pink create a border that frames the cat.

Golden Cat By Amanda Hickman

A gorilla in coloured pencils of different shades, pink, brown, green and yellow, providing a sense of patchwork. The gorilla faces forward, legs apart, one arm raised and the other bent at the elbow, hand on hip.

Gorilla By Abdi Ramen Muse

Stylized drawing of a hawk with brown body, red neck and yellow face. It wears a yellow scarf.

Hawke By David Mifsud

Small model of a helicopter made from wood. The body is painted grey with a red sticker like an upside-down wave across the cockpit area. Below there is a sticker of black swirls. The propeller has been left bare with a touch of black paint on the top.

Helicopter By Tuan-vu Nguyen