From Here to There

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A drawing of a beach with coloured pencil. Stick figured people lay on the yellow sand with green and yellow waves.

The Beach By Graeme Stanley

A yellow owl fills the page, its body coloured with short feather-like lines. Large eyes look forward, its small feet resting on a blue branch.

The Bird By Roselva Sita

A texta drawing on paper of a ferris wheel. A circular shape with black lines from the rim into slightly right of centre. Every second line ends with a small carriage of either green and orange or blue and red. There are 13 carriages. The frame of the ferris wheel is yellow with a brown base.

The Ferris Wheel By William Griffiths

Landscape drawing with coloured pencils. In the background is a mountain range with single palm trees in front. In the foreground is a statue figure with a square helmet.

The Island By Will Howard

Black text on white paper with a black boarder and a wooden frame.

The Meaning of Being Older By Stefano Conti

A drawing of a star in coloured pencil. There are eight points, each coloured half green and half orange. Between each point is a small circle of purple.

The Star of Stars by Vincent Guest

Coloured pencil drawing of a tree with no leaves, green grass and a blue sky.

The Time Tree By Dean Rizkalla

A blue, turquoise and red truck driving on a black road with white lines. Above there are two blue rainclouds and a yellow sun.

The Truck By Melissa McNair

A drawing of a wasp with coloured pencils. THe wasp has a black body, yellow feet and purple wings.

The Wasp By Jim Moushtsis

Abstract drawing, pastels on paper, bright colours mostly pink, yellow, blue and green. Composed of different think pastels lines.

Untitled By Enzo Tomasiello

Bright coloured sections of oil pastel over a photocopied image of a huge crowd of people by a river. Little parts of the background poke through the patches of colour.

Untitled By Mary Wangemen

Large pastel abstract drawing, geometric organic like shapes cover the paper. Orange in the middle surrounded by brown, green and black blocks.

Untitled By Sam Tickner

Abstract painting, acrylic on board. A line in the middle painted in red and purple. Two pod-like shapes placed on the line. Few geometric placements in yellow, red and green.

Untitled By Tony Mazzeo

A drawing of a house with two windows and a pointy roof in red toutline and on the right, a tree and grass in green outline.

Untitled By Tuan-vu Nguyen

A series of four soft sculptures, animal-like figures in various fabrics. A sleek silver cat with short body and long tail. A cheetah printed dog. A rounded character with soft, squishy purple body and another with silver legs, a sparkly silver body and love heart detail on its face.

Valma’s Family Sweet By Valma Lethma

Pencil sketch head to torso of Vlad the Impaler, grey lead on white background. Long, shoulder length hair covered on top by a small cap, small circle details on the brim. Features of face are angular and pointed, eyes stare to the distance and a cloak covers his shoulders.

Vlad By Jurgen Seeberger