From Here to There

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A stylised texta drawing of a saber-toothed tiger, a snake and two kookaburras, inspired by Australian Aboriginal art. The bodies are outlined in black and filled with coloured circles and rectangles.

Indigenous By Scott Jobson

Panting of a brown and black cat with green eyes on white paper.

Kitty Cat By Deb McCormick

Drawing of a man’s face that is yellow, he has a moustache, a long nose, and he is wearing a brown and green cap. He has red eyes and ears, and a red collar.

Man By Paul Frederick

Drawing of a mandala with black pen and geometric shapes coloured different colours.

Mandala By Mahala Nama

Painting of a woman with a yellow face and black hair. Her eyes are soft and her mouth a very slight smile.

Maria By Nghi Luu

A mountain and lake scene rendered in acrylic paint. Three mountains of rich browns stand before a sunrise sky of blue and pink. Below is a lake of yellow with pink hues, lapping the rocks above. The combination of colours have a sci-fi effect.

Mountains and Lake By Tony Dowling

The drawing has a small and large blue panda, mother and child. The figures are placed on the lower mid left of the paper. The panda has green and blue strokes around it.

My Cute Pandas By Rosalinda Portelli

Drawing of seven rows of circles positioned to the right side of the paper. The circles have a bold outline and their centres are filled with blended layers of colour in green, purple, yellow, reds and blues.

My drawing of the green ones By Robert John Stephens

Coloured pencil on white paper, an a-frame swing on left side with figure sitting on swing, underneath are the handwritten words in assorted colours, My Swing This is A Girl on The Swing. On the right is a tree with green swirls for leaves and a brown trunk. Beneath are the words in assorted colours, My Tree.

My Swing My Tree By Leonie Heinjus

A line illustration of a radio, bright blue outlines with lighter watercolour blue in the middle. A white oval shaped dial is placed in the middle.

Nic’s Radio By Nicolas Lopreato

A bird-like creature form that covers almost half of the paper, its body of bright orange and pink with a green crest, prominent peak and eyes. Within the body are 3 egg-like cirlces with grey bird-like forms inside.

Paninosa By Sonya Gowan

A weaving done with wool. It has pink, purple and mauve stripes with bright pink tassels.

Pink Weaving By Barbara Honeyman

A blue police car beneath a yellow sun and blue clouds that are raining. The wheels, road and exhaust are rendered in black texta and the rest is rendered in oil pastels with a red siren, orange headlights and a yellow sun.

Police Car By Troy Jackson

A stylized texta drawing of green stems with small, purple flowers. On the bottom right of the page, as though in the foreground, is one large oblong shaped leaf and one purple flower, as though they have fallen from the stem.

Purple Plant By Virginia Palmer

Roman’s artwork is a dyptich. Both images are of a turtle and a dragon, anime in style; one rendered in black permanent marker and the other in watercolours using greens, browns and pinks.

Reptile Friends By Roman Galyas

Stylised self-portrait drawing of the artist as a pirate in bright rainbow colours. He has a large earring from his right ear with his initials, DS. He holds a sword in his right hand and a bright coloured bird rests on his left shoulder.

That looks like me when I get out of bed in the morning! By Dragan Srbinovski