Greg Muir: A Retrospective

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A green island with a bridge shape sits in the ocean between two lands.

A Bridge To The Sea

Two people, one with the arm around the other.

A Carer of A Kid

A figure in colourful clothing with hands on hips stands in front of a striped background.

A Fella Dancing

Abstract background with figures hovering in front.

A Hidden Place

A brown building shed sits in a landscape of green forest.

A Shed Out in the Wilderness

Painting of Bunjil, a wedge-tailed eagle. Bunjil is staring straight on.


A seascape is viewed through a black tunnel

Camping Inside a Tunnel

Five people grouped together looking at the camer in front of a building.


A man stands in a field of flowers, painted in expressive dots.

Field of Flowers

A landscape of mountains on the sea

Gilligan’s Island

Landscape painting of a boat on blue water with green mountains in the background.

Going On Tour

In the foreground of this landscape painting is a waterhole, surrounded by the skinny trunks and bushy tops of eucalyptus trees. Crossing the horizon, steaming along, is the Puffing Billy train engine. Brown smoke billows from its stack into the blue sky as it chugs along, pulling five or six passenger carriages behind it.

Going To The Country On The Train – Puffing Billy

A white and brown horse painted touching noses.


Bright lit up buildings line the waters edge with the moon shining above.

Inner City at Night

A street view of a hostel. It looks similar to a single-storey detached suburban house, surrounded by grass and a circular driveway.

Junior Hostel

A crystal blue waterhole or dam is surrounded by a flowering desert landscape. To the right is an embankment of dusty earth. The water is attracting birds flying above, insects in the bushes and a few kids taking a refreshing dip.

Kids Swimming In The Dam