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Timber covered in copper shim is painted blue, watts and question marks are visible with three sea symbols. Hanging from wire are 45 copper ears like little pendants and a longer ear like a crucifix.

2023 What by Penny Pollard

Thick, cream coloured with subtle detailed lines of varying thickness which form abstract looped complex organic forms.

Alien of IO by Aleshanee Faery

A pink background on A2 paper with purple, blue, yellow, green and orange shapes. In the centre is a set of scales. It reminds me to have a balance of happiness.

Balance of Happiness by Jo Kiriazis

An ochre painting on a round wooden board featuring repetitive curved lines and circular patterns in earthy tones giving the impression of a landscape.

Before by Jane Tomlinson

A red background with diamond shapes of purple and white, on each end corner of the diamond are two purple and black circles.

Classic Diamond by Jo Kiriazis

A hand-illustrated cockatoo flies against a bright blue background

Cockadoododo by Fiona Taylor

An ochre painting in earthy tones on round wooden board with bumpy lines at irregular spaces going horizontal across the board.

Conjury by Jane Tomlinson

An ochre painting with a horizontal abstract form filling a third of the page. The earthy red form features a spiral of dots and a branch like cradle around it, surrounded by wavy lines.

Cradle by Jane Tomlinson

Four yellow circles on each corner with a pink star in the middle on an A2 green background paper

Dazzling Pink Star by Jo Kiriazis

Thick, cream coloured with subtle detailed lines of varying thickness which form abstract looped complex organic forms.

Exobiology of Europa by Aleshanee Faery

A figure lays in front of a red brick wall looking directly at the camera wearing a dress that also has a red brick pattern on it.

Fina by Warren Loorham

A bush with green foliage and brown branches reaching up to the top of the painting with vibrant red flowers in bloom.

Flowers by Leeann Preddy

A blue pattern background with and stamps, the main text reads ‘be safe and piss on pity’ with an illustration of an arm and hand giving a thumbs up.

Friends be Safe by Larissa MacFarlane

A copper glove reaches towards a blooming flower.

Glove and Flower by Penny Pollard

There are eight curved green and white street lamps on a grey painted background on A2 paper.

Hook Lamps by Jo Kiriazis

An ink painting on the diagonal with white uneven circles surrounded by dark blue outlines, connected to each other by root-like lines. The colours fade away from the circle forms.

Interconnectedness by Jane Tomlinson