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A light blue pattern with a 45c stamp picturing two fish, one green and one light with dark spots. Text reads ‘potato cod’ over the spotted fish and ‘maori wrasse’ next to the green.

S.O.S. The Maori Wrasse by Larissa MacFarlane

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A brown background with a circular flower in the middle outlined in golden yellow with mint green and white circles in the flower. On each corner the petals of the flower frame the painting in green, white and yellow.

Sixties and Seventies by Jo Kiriazis

A blue background on A2 paper with an octagon, lines going through the middle with a circle at the end. Around the octagon there are 10 circles of pink, yellow, orange, green and red.

Spheres in the Atmosphere by Jo Kiriazis

An ochre painting with a large spiral like form at the centre, beneath are curved lines in a circular motion. The spiral form is dirt brown and mustard yellow.

Strix by Jane Tomlinson

Colour pencil drawing of a lady holding a pot of flowers up to the sky in prayer, a swan at her feet and a crown of seven snakes rises from her head. She is facing a teal sky with bright pink stars where two stags emerge and heads can be seen floating mouth agape.

Stuck in the Middle With You by Dinithi De Alwis Samarawickrama

Thick, cream coloured with subtle detailed lines of varying thickness which form abstract looped complex organic forms.

Sub-surface sealife of Callisto by Aleshanee Faery

A swan looks back at a figure holding a sword out of which two snakes emerge behind an orb. A line of angel figures rise shining in white, spirits of oxen walk toward the orb followed by glimmering star spirits.

The Beginning of the End by Dinithi De Alwis Samarawickrama


The End Which is Just the Beginning by Dinithi De Alwis Samarawickrama

A lilac background with four brackets with four circles in each corner. In the middle is a stretched diamond with two red and two teal diamonds with one yellow and black circle in each diamond.

The Flying Carpet by Jo Kiriazis

Water colour drawing of an older eucalyptus tree in earthy tones with green leaves.

The Old Gum Tree by Leeann Preddy

A robotic purple triangle with stick figure hands holding wheels of coloured paint. On the head of the body is a letter A for “Art” and a multicolored star in the middle. The strengthener is a strong triangular robot holding and storing coloured paint to paint.

The Strengthener by Jo Kiriazis

A peachy pink background, a circle with 8 wheels of lines with a circular shape at the end. The inside of the circle has patterns in blue, black, purple and white.

The Viral Days by Jo Kiriazis

Orange pattern background with postage stamps with wildflowers and text reading ‘thinking of you’ and ‘disability pride month’

Thinking of You by Larissa MacFarlane

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A pink background with a green, blue and white wheel shaped like a spider’s web with 8 fairy lights around the wheel. On each corner is an L shaped pattern making a border around the web wheel.

Web Wheel by Jo Kiriazis

Stamps on patterned background with text reading ‘together… apart. ’The first has Aboriginal artwork. The second is an old with text reading ‘federation speech Sir Henry Parkes Tenterfield 1889’.

White Australia has a Black History by Larissa MacFarlane

a person in blue is doing a hand stand nect to thier cane. they are standing in front of an orange city skyline.

Handstands in the Metropolis II by Larissa MacFarlane