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A tapestry made up of lines and dot patterns in browns and yellows

Untitled (Tapestry) by Judy Amad

A drawing of a person's portrait with a red veil on their head.

Beautiful is Kali by Marnie Woods

an old woman is in front of a kitchen cooking

Grandma’s Home Cooking my Marnie Woods

A drawing of floating green islands and birds flying.

Untitled by Marnie Woods

A photograph of a street lamp taken at night time.

The Virus Escape by Nicole Tsourlenes

A photograph of a road taken at dawn or sunset.

Crossroads by Nicole Tsourlenes

A photograph of a road taken at night time.

Roads by Nicole Tsourlenes

Dangaling Skull earrings in round boxes.

Skulls by Penny Pollard

an old house is serounded in darkness. its fence is falling down

The Darkened House by Raymond Martin

a brown hand with many rings and braclets is holding pink flowers

Raising Hope by Tammy Berry

A drawing of a person with a third eye and skeleton visible through their skin in bright colours.

At One with the Universe by Tammy Berry

A Brown Woman is sitting down with her head resting on her knee

Unknown Blessings by Tammy Berry

A painting of a person's portrait. The person is wearing glasses and a blue jacket.

Phil by Woz

Caroline Bowditch

Caroline by Woz

A digital drawing of two cats looking at the moon and stars.

The Night of Power

A sculpture of a woman with her arms around her head.

Question Why?