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a young girl in a white button up dress.

Julia Osgothorpe age 11 by Marnie Woods

a blade of baslet grads is notted into circles on two ends.

Lomandra photograph by Aleshanee Faery

woven basket grass on a plinth

Lomandra kinetic mobile and sculpture pieces by Aleshanee Faery

a purple flower is being warped. at the bottom is an organce flower compressed against the purple.

Gloss 8 by Bridgette Griffiths Mark

an orange and pink flower are falling in front of a black background

Gloss 2 by Bridgette Griffiths Mark

three orange flowers are fulling in front of a black background

Gloss 7 by Bridgette Griffiths Mark

a collage centered around a bus. welcome to my brain is written on the artwork.

Welcome Home by Emma Holt

a collage of people with thier faces covered in floral drawings

Start a Revolution by Emma Holt

a perosn in a yellow jumpsuit is wearing a gas mask. the air around them is filled with smoke, toilet paper, masks and sanitiser

Pandemic Panic by Emma Holt

an abstract artwork

Stormy Atmosphere by Fiona Taylor

A drawing of a flying cockatoo bird on a bright light blue background.

Cockadoodadoo by Fiona Taylor

A collage with a plane, two birds, a cat, people wearing face masks and a portrait of a person.

My COVID by Fiona Taylor

A painting of a busy street laneway.

In Search of Lost Time by Jay

A painting of a cat snuggling on a bed.

Modigliani’s Dream by Jay

large rocks that look like old trees are serounded by dirt and grass

Grampians by Jay

A woman has her head terned to the right looking over her sholder

My Womans Weekly by Judy Amad