Shining a Light into the Darkness

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Acrylic painting on canvas depicting a central blue figure that is shaped like a hand.

A life of its own by Cordelia Doherty

An egg shaped ceramic bowl featuring different species of birds.

Alcedo azurea and Platycercus elegans (least Concern) by Lisa Pownall

Ink drawing of a silhouette of two lovers embracing.

Always by Chandra K

A large painting that is the artists interpretation of Barbara Streisand.

Barbara Streisand by Theo Psathas

A ceramic sculpture comprised of four bent fingers and a thumb.

Blue Woman by Cordelia Doherty

Acrylic painting on canvas of a sad cartoon figure. A comic next to it showing sad being sad.

Bluey the Sad by Miranda Cook

A diptych – one panel has drawn colourful insects, the other a black and white digital print.

Butterfly Heaven by Julie White

A white satin dress covered in paintings of famous women.

Cleopatra’s dress by Theo Psathas

Acrylic painting on canvas of an angry cartoon figure. A comic next to it showing angry being mad.

Crusher the Mad by Miranda Cook

A painting of two Chinese New Year Dragons dancing.

Dancing Chinese Dragons by Josephine Lazidis

A painting of the Disneyand palace with multicolour fireworks above it, and reflected on the water below.

Disneyland Palace Fireworks by Josephine Lazidis

A pink palace with a hidden dragon in the basement.

Disneyland Palace Pink by Josephine Lazidis

A ceramic bowl featuring three emus and native plants.

Dromaius novaehollandiae (least Concern) by Lisa Pownall

A drawing of a silhouette of a female figure with birds dancing around her.

Elegant by Chandra K

Ink drawing of a silhouette of two figures dancing, intertwined.

Elegantly by Chandra K

A ceramic bowl with three finches on a gum tree branch.

Erythrura Gouldiae (Near Threatened) by Lisa Pownall