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Barbra Streisand painted infront of a blue and white background

Drawing, Painting of Barbra Streisand by Theo Psathas

a face made up or pinks, purples, greens and white.

Dreamo by Robbie Weir

A green and yellow Macaw flying infront of a green background.

Military Macaw by Fiona Taylor

Umm….. by Chandra Kamaldeed

Hey Hey look at me by Chandra Kamaldeed

Relaxing by Chandra Kamaldeed

a long necked green monster with yellow eyes,

Emerald Green Grouch by Nick Steedman

Just being me by Chandra Kamaldeed

A rainbow lorikeet is sitting on a branch. watercolour.

Happy Days by Fiona Taylor

a portait of Cleopatra in an organge dress.

Cleopatra by Theo Psathas

a portait of a face with an enlarged left ear.

Earring by Robbie Weir

Wild me by Chandra Kamaldeed

A barn owl facing forwards on a blue background.

Eastern Barn Owl by Fiona Taylor

Diana Dors is in a red dress with her hair in plats

Portrait of Diana Dors by Theo Psathas

Jayne Mansfield in front of a light aqua background

Drawing of Jayne Mansfield by Theo Psathas

a furry purple monster with yellow and green eyes.

Jitters, the fear monster by Miranda Cook