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Wild me by Chandra Kamaldeed

A barn owl facing forwards on a blue background.

Eastern Barn Owl by Fiona Taylor

Diana Dors is in a red dress with her hair in plats

Portrait of Diana Dors by Theo Psathas

Jayne Mansfield in front of a light aqua background

Drawing of Jayne Mansfield by Theo Psathas

a furry purple monster with yellow and green eyes.

Jitters, the fear monster by Miranda Cook

abstract line painting in whites, blues and orange.

Untitled #3 by Penny Kritikos

Pensive by Chandra Kamaldeed

an abstract line drawing made up of teel, dark blues and peaches.

Untitled #1 by Penny Kritikos

the head of a green buddha with blue and yellow light coming out behind the head.

Jade Buddha by Nick Steedman

an abstract drawing made up of circles, wheels and triangles.

The Wheel by Julie White

an abstrtact line drawing made up of yellows, browns and pints.

Untitled #2 by Penny Kritikos