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A pixelated version of a photograph of a woman with a pink background and her hands on her head with brown hair. The image has the appearance of being made from stained glass.

Julia Number Five by Nicole Tsourlenes

A2 photograph of smiling woman her hand in her brown hair. The photo is on a pink background, it makes me feel excited and happy.

Julia Number Four by Nicole Tsourlenes

A2 sized photograph of a woman with a pink background, she has her hands on her head. She looks as though she is happy.

Julia Number One by Nicole Tsourlenes

A2 photograph of a woman with a pink background smiling. The Image is on one rectangle in the middle with four increasing rectangular frames behind it, the image is layered on itself giving the image a sense of depth.

Julia Number Three by Nicole Tsourlenes

A2 photograph of a woman with a pink background. She has her tongue out and her head is tilted to one side with her hand on her hip, this image makes me feel funny and silly.

Julia Number Two by Nicole Tsourlenes

A street view of a hostel. It looks similar to a single-storey detached suburban house, surrounded by grass and a circular driveway.

Junior Hostel

A crystal blue waterhole or dam is surrounded by a flowering desert landscape. To the right is an embankment of dusty earth. The water is attracting birds flying above, insects in the bushes and a few kids taking a refreshing dip.

Kids Swimming In The Dam

Panting of a brown and black cat with green eyes on white paper.

Kitty Cat By Deb McCormick

A small portrait of a woman in a sleeveless, full-length red dress against a turquoise background. She has shoulder-length dark curly hair and is smiling. Around her neck is a gold chain with a white pendant. She is walking a small white dog on a black leash.

Lady In Red

In this landscape painting, the canvas is evenly divided: ocean on the left and land on the right. The water teams with energy. A small island just offshore explodes with a profusion of flowers and the white water of the waves sprays into the air as it hits the shoreline. The land is green, turning yellow as if it is thirsty for rain. A brown mountain stands solid in the background. By the water's edge, a group of people are laying around, perhaps having a picnic or sunbaking or just soaking up this meeting place of water and land.

Laying Around

A dark canvas with white brush strokes reaching upwards from the base of the canvas.

Light Spill # 1

Landscape painting of a lighthouse on a hill, overlooking an orange, red and yellow sunset and dark green and blue ocean.

Lighthouse by the Sunset

A soft sculpture of a pink dolphin.

Lily by Linda Harman

Large ceramic bowl with cockatoos perched on a branch.

Lophochroa leadbeateri (least concern) by Lisa Pownall

A landscape painting of an underground antechamber of brightly coloured cave walls and a pool of blue water. The pool of water leads the eye into a small opening in the cave wall.

Lost and Found

The Luna Park face with open mouth is seen in vibrant pinks and greens amongst an orange sky.

Luna Park Sydney