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A suit of armour on a mannequin made from pill packets.

Battle Armour

An ochre painting on a round wooden board featuring repetitive curved lines and circular patterns in earthy tones giving the impression of a landscape.

Before by Jane Tomlinson

A line drawing of an eagle and an owl using purple texta. The birds are human’s best friends. 这幅老鹰和猫头鹰的画是用紫色水彩笔勾勒完成的。鸟是人类的好朋友

Birds in Nature By Jing He

An orange stripe makes a bold vertical column with blue columns to the side and a black form like a gun sits at the base of the composition.


An abstract geometric print in shades of blue

Blues by Aleshanee Faery

Acrylic painting on canvas of a sad cartoon figure. A comic next to it showing sad being sad.

Bluey the Sad by Miranda Cook

A soft sculpture of an animalistic friendly yellow dog.

Bobby by Roslyn Simmons

A soft sculpture with calico background and black drawn on depicting a man

Boy Toy by Jonathan Thomson

Painting of Bunjil, a wedge-tailed eagle. Bunjil is staring straight on.


Fenced paddock with trees and hills

Bush Surrounds by Tony Dowling

A diptych – one panel has drawn colourful insects, the other a black and white digital print.

Butterfly Heaven by Julie White

A seascape is viewed through a black tunnel

Camping Inside a Tunnel

Burnt, bare trees after a bush fire

Charcoal By Leeann Preddy

A pencil and pastel illustration of a cheetah. The cheetah’s head faces forward, baring its teeth, taking up most of the page. The background is a bright, teal blue.

Cheetah By Diana Kagadis

A red background with diamond shapes of purple and white, on each end corner of the diamond are two purple and black circles.

Classic Diamond by Jo Kiriazis

A white satin dress covered in paintings of famous women.

Cleopatra’s dress by Theo Psathas