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An abstract geometric print in shades of blue

Flying Conversation by Aleshanee Faery

A drawing of an eagle in graphite, charcoal and pencil. Blocks of vibrant blue with vigorous markings in black and grey.

Flying Eagle By John Penna

A drawing of a moving female figure, birds fly around her.

Forever by Chandra K

Abstract painting of shapes and patterns in reds, blues, yellows, greens and silver. Curved lines with some paint thickly applied in sections. Edges of the canvas are painted red.

Fragmented Space By Stefano Conti

Free Flow by Chandra K

A blue pattern background with and stamps, the main text reads ‘be safe and piss on pity’ with an illustration of an arm and hand giving a thumbs up.

Friends be Safe by Larissa MacFarlane

Acrylic painting on canvas of an anxious cartoon figure. A comic next to it showing anxiety creeping in.

Fuzzy the Anxiety by Miranda Cook

Coloured pencil drawing of a male gang gang cockatoo. It has grey feathers, a grey beak with a red and yellow face, red head feather and a black eye.

Gang Gang Cockatoo By Kim Iddon

An abstract geometric print in shades of blue

Geometric LP by Aleshanee Faery

A landscape of mountains on the sea

Gilligan’s Island

A copper glove reaches towards a blooming flower.

Glove and Flower by Penny Pollard

Landscape painting of a boat on blue water with green mountains in the background.

Going On Tour

In the foreground of this landscape painting is a waterhole, surrounded by the skinny trunks and bushy tops of eucalyptus trees. Crossing the horizon, steaming along, is the Puffing Billy train engine. Brown smoke billows from its stack into the blue sky as it chugs along, pulling five or six passenger carriages behind it.

Going To The Country On The Train – Puffing Billy

Mosaic of a cat of blue and gold. Lines of red, orange, yellow and pink create a border that frames the cat.

Golden Cat By Amanda Hickman

A diptych – one panel is acrylic paint depicting ocean life, the other a black and white digital print.

Gone Fishing by Julie White

A gorilla in coloured pencils of different shades, pink, brown, green and yellow, providing a sense of patchwork. The gorilla faces forward, legs apart, one arm raised and the other bent at the elbow, hand on hip.

Gorilla By Abdi Ramen Muse