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A sculpture of a woman with her arms around her head.

Question Why?

A portrait of a woman sleeping.

Self Portrait Homage to Sir Frederic Leighton, Flaming June

A drawing of an owl with its wings spread and a colourful background in tones of blue and purple.

Amongst the Daisies

A drawing of a person with blue hair sitting on the ground and on a red background.

Glow Worm Lotus Fairy

A drawing of two people in pink suits in front of a big full moon.

Moon Child

A drawing of a witch with a sand clock sitting on a chair and on a pink background.

Persephones Witching Hour

A painting of the Joker.

The Breaking of Arthur and the Making of a Super Villain

A painting of three people sitting around a table at a cafe.


A photo of coral reef.

Falealupo Seashore

A photo of an abstract sculpture.


A photo of an abstract sculpture.

Knots of Emotion

A photo of a bright blue coral fish under water.

Savai’i Coral Fish

A photo of an abstract sculpture.

Woven Critter

A skateboard with a blue sky background and the text in colourful letters "On Two 2" and the logo "Dismay" resembling the Disney logo.


A skateboard with four cat faces and the word "hiss" painted on a black background.


A skateboard with the face of Bugs Bunny painted on a grey background.

Looney Tunes