Do you ever find it strange to be yourself



12cm to 40cm

Small works $250 Larger works $437

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Artist statement:

“Do you ever suddenly find it strange to be yourself?” – Clarice Lispector

Sculptural copper masks, hang in space and make a constellation. Twisting at the end of the lines create chance face-to-face encounters of self and other. A simple selection of copper, gold leaf, white paint and oxidation is used to make the work. Penny thinks about masks and how people can put on a mask to act any way they want. People change all the time and enjoy many types of social settings. Our dreams and inner thoughts are important to our personality. Filipino gold funerary masks are an ongoing source of inspiration. These masks can protect, decorate or hide what lies inside. The floating masks have different fragments and move in space. Penny wants the viewer to think about all the ways people think, feel and enjoy life. And how people’s personality always moves or spills out.


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Penny Pollard