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Talk Back Wisecrack

Improvised performance hosted by Erin Pocervina featuring Ryan Allman, David Baker, Teagan Connor and Sebastian Fowler.

Talk Back Wisecrack – Episode 1 [CC]

Talk Back Wisecrack – Episode 2 [CC]

Talk Back Wisecrack – Episode 3 [CC]

Thin Ice

Improvised performance featuring Ryan Allman featuring David Baker and Erin Pocervina. Concept by Ryan Allman.

Thin Ice – Season 9 Episode 3: Mamma Martha [CC]

Thin Ice – Season 8 Episode 23: Borrowed Car [CC]

Thin Ice – Season 11 Episode 8: Book Club Cult [CC]

Chata ‘bout Movies

Film discussion podcasts hosted by Teagan Connor featuring Echo Collective. Concept by Teagan Connor.

Chata ‘bout Movies – Episode 1: Favourites [CC]

Chata ‘bout Movies – Episode 2: Bad Movies [CC]

Chata ‘bout Movies – Episode 3: Characters [CC]