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SRS Studios

The SRS Studios program is an opportunity for people from residential services to engage with art making in a professional studio environment with high quality materials and industry level tutelage and advice.

We operate 12 studios in Supported Residential Services (SRSs) across Victoria.

Our workshops focus on the process of art making – what it is to be an artist, what materials an artist may choose to work with and what ways an artist may choose to showcase their art. We offer a broad range of skills and techniques as well as different genres approaches and styles that participating artists can learn about.

Our studios offer people choice. Choice in how they make art, in what way they choose to make art and how they wish to develop as an artist. While in the studio, each participating artist is given a choice in how they participate, be it through:

  • observation (watching other people make art);
  • hands on artmaking;
  • refining established skills (many people come with existing skills they wish to build upon, rediscover and/or explore in the studio);
  • trying new skills/mediums;
  • talking about their process and ideas;
  • researching art practice by looking through books, journals and other resource materials for reference; or
  • researching art practice through seeing local exhibitions.

We offer support to participating artists as well as encouraging their own independence and autonomy in decision making while making art.

For more information about the SRS Studios, please contact us

The SRS Studios Program is supported by funding from the Australian and Victorian Governments under the HACC program.

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