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Jase Cordova

Jase Cordova is a writer, editor, and podcaster residing in Meanjin. Jase has had poetry and essays featured in literary mags worldwide and has previously written articles for Disney. When not writing Jase can be found elbow-deep in audio files...

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Portrait photograph of Jase Cordova, who is pictured at an outdoor table of a café cradling a grey cup of coffee between their fingers, held up to their chin, while they smile with eyes closed. They have light brown skin and prominent forearm tattoos depicting a wax-sealed envelope over flowers, two avocado halves with heart-shaped pits, and a few intertwined stems and leaves and flowers on their right arm. They are wearing a check-patterned cotton dress in muted autumn-blue-white-purple tones, and have thin-framed white spectacles and straight brown hair