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Elena Macdonald

Elena Macdonald is of the Paredarerme Nation, a ‘Tasmanian Aboriginal’ traditional Nation located on the east coast of Trouwunna/lutruwita. They work as community organiser both within their own community and within the disability justice space, organising to envision a...

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Portrait photograph of Elena Macdonald, who is smiling warmly at the camera in a close-cropped shot. Elena has shoulder-length wavy orange hair and large blue eyes and lightly freckled skin, and wears semi-translucent eyeglass frames, a light brown fleeced coat and an orange, black and white silk or satin scarf. In the background of the photograph, a beach, blue water with light waves and a distant shore with gentle hills and a town are visible; there is also a corner of another person who has straight brown hair and a striped coloured jumper on