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a close-up photo of a puppet head

A puppet from Theorem, 1982

Theorem worked with over 800 people in twenty-five workshops across the year. The final performances included over 100 performers. The performance was in three parts called Hypothesis, Demonstration and Conclusion. Theorem featured puppetry, banners, mime, costume and ritual.Participants in the workshops were from:

  • Windsor Youth Welfare Service
  • Maclead Activities Centre
  • Dame Mary Herring Spastic Centre
  • Janefield Training Centre
  • Harold McCracken Nursing Home
  • Winlaton Youth Training Centre
  • Murray Valley Training Centre – Adult Unit
  • Murray River Performing Group
  • Belvoir Special Developmental School – Wodonga
  • Malmsbury Youth Training Centre
  • The W.J.Christie Centre for Retarded Children

The success of Theorem, and the growth of AAV during this time showed that society was ready for change. AAV saw rapid growth and expansion during this period.

Were you part of Theorem? Get in touch, we’d love to know about it.