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Kids playing with orange fabric.

Photo: Arts Access Society arts workshops, 1970s, photographer unknown.

For the next three years, AAV ran art and theatre workshops in institutions. AAV also took people and children in institutions out to arts and leisure activities. The funding ran out and the programs stopped for two years. But everyone wanted them to continue. People came together and funding was found for AAV to start again. It was called the Arts Access Society Inc.

Some of the programs in the 1970s included:

  • Creative dance programs at Janefield, Bundoora
  • Music therapists at local hospitals
  • Drama and puppet theatre workshops and excursions at Hartnett House, Brunswick
  • Visits to the zoo with children from Yooralla

We ran out of funding in 1977. And all programs stopped. But great ideas refuse to die! And we were back by early 1979.

A group of children and young people sit with their hands up in the air, they are smiling and cheerful.

Zoo project, 1975. Photograph: Judy Hall.

Learn more about the Woman behind the Start of AAV.

Judy Morton, interviewed by The Indianapolis News, 12 June 1974.

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AAV tries to independently fund itself after money runs out.

AAV ad in Hops, Steps & Jumps, Children’s Welfare Association of Victoria Newsletter in March 1977

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