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Hannah Turner

Hannah is a 26-year-old writer living with complex chronic illnesses. Her writing focuses on disability and pop culture. She writes creative non-fiction and features journalism. Her words have appeared in Refinery29, Glamour, Mashable and Digital Spy. She lives between...

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Portrait photograph of Hannah Turner, a light-skinned woman who is facing the camera and looking into the lens. She is seated on a bed, which has a striped pink and red pillowcase and another yellow pillowcase behind it, and cream-coloured sheets. The bedroom is painted off-white with double cupboard doors, an upholstered grey bedhead and fluourescent printed artwork on the wall behind her. Hannah has straw-coloured hair worn at shoulder length, and black-blue lined tattoos on her upper arms which are visible from under her white t-shirt and knitted blue vest with a pink smily face across its collar. She is also wearing cream-coloured tracksuit pants and a silver ring