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Future in Retrograde: Storytelling and Inclusion on Screen

The six-part ABC TV series 'Retrograde' – about a group of thirty-something Australians who regularly meet, drink and commiserate online during the Covid pandemic – has been one of the big Australian TV hits of 2020. 

The Future in Retrograde hero image with its characters.

Retrograde was shot remotely in June via a series of Zoom calls between the producers, crew, and actors and has been celebrated as an example of ingenuity in screen production during this period of workplace restrictions. But the show has not just been praised for its clever format, resourceful production and snappy dialogue. It’s also been embraced for its authentic representation of disability and chronic illness on screen. Perhaps that’s not surprising; the show’s lead writer and co-producer, Anna Barnes, lives with chronic illness, too.

In this panel discussion, presented in partnership with The Other Film Festival, Retrograde’s creators will discuss what they loved, and what they learned, while making this groundbreaking show. They’ll talk, too, about how screen professionals living with disability – who are often more practised and adept at navigating restrictions on social and workplace activity – can lead the way when it comes to innovative production during Covid-19.

This event will be Auslan interpreted and live-captioned.

Presented in partnership with The Wheeler Centre and The Other Film Festival with the support of City of Melbourne and Screen Australia.


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