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Prism by Artstop

Watch Prism by Artstop every night after sundown

A drawing of a small bird. The speech bubble next to it says ‘Just seen something to eat’. Overlaid on it is leaves and the shadow of a prism.

A free outdoor projection piece by AAV’s Artstop Studio and the Little Projector Company. This animated artwork is a response to Artstop’s recent ‘Shining a light into the darkness’ exhibition. Supported by Merri-bek City Council, this collaboration is a kaleidoscope of experience. Expressed through transparent optical elements. The art works morph, refract and reflect the colours of the world and the colourful studio characters.

Watch Prism every night until 30 November.

Participating artists:

Caroline Alcalde

Christine Stokes

Josephine Lazidis

Julie White

Lisa Pownall

Margaret Bold

Melissa Derham

Miranda Cook

Pat Jones


Teague Leigh

Theo Psathas



  • Wheelchair Access Wheelchair Access
  • Opened Captioning (all audience can view) Opened Captioning (all audience can view)